I would like to recommend Amelia to all of my friends for conference, ministry, council and personal prayer.

Before I met her, I had a dream and in my dream Jesus told me I needed to meet her and that she was a lot like Madame Jeanne Guyon. This really got my attention. When Amelia and I did meet, I found her to be quite gifted and walking in amazing levels of annointing with a pure heart.

Please prayerfully consider her for any ministry opportunities.

Timothy Bence Minister and friend * Oklahoma City

My name is Arthur Cullen.

On the 7th of December I was informed by a doctor at Groote Schuur hospital that I have cancer and there was the possibility that I could loose my right eye. They decided to operate on the 17th of December and remove the tumor.

I drove past a church in Tableview and decided to go in and listen to the service. I listened to a lady talking about the healing power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit told me to go to her. Unfortunately after the service, there were too many people around her and I left. I got her number from the church and asked her if she could pray for me. off course she agreed

I met with her and she prayed for me. While she was praying, I encountered God and felt His fire go right through me, and was at complete peace. The next day I went to the doctor who confirmed that the cancer was dead….gone!! The wound has healed beautifully and I did not need any skin grafts. My eye is perfect and healed, and I know it was the work of the supernatural God of the Bible, and Amelia was just doing His work.Thank you Jesus.

I am very grateful en believe more than ever in the healing power of Jesus Christ. Thank you God that I am favored and thank You that You healed me.


Thank you Amelia. you are truly gifted with doing His work.

Best Regards
Arthur Cullen

A small documentary walking with God and the supernatural.
A wonderful testimony 

She started praying for me. It is actually difficult to explain what
happened. My eyes started jumping and my whole body felt light as if I
was floating. I saw a bright light and Amelia said I was in a dense 
forest and I walking towards a bright light.
The one that I saw.

I started feeling sunlight on me and saw a river, just as Amelia was
describing. There were all these bright colored fishes and gems at the
bottom. They were so beautiful. I wanted to reach out and put my hands
into the water and brush my hands against the fishes.

Then a old Willow Tree came into sight next to the river and someone was
standing there. I couldn’t make out who it was because there was a
bright light around Him. As I got closer, I saw a man and a
little girl. The man had a white robe on with a blueish / purplish sash
over his one shoulder and the little girl was me when I was around 5/6
years old.
Then God’s face became clear. He reached out to me and
opened his arms. I walked into his arms and He folded them around me
and He held me so tight. I felt everything drain out of my body. All
the negative thoughts. All the negative things that have happened to me
in my past. I saw the little girl running around the green fields and
smiling and skipping. God just kept holding me. I didn’t want Him to
go. I felt so at peace and so relieved. The more I said thank you Lord,
thank you, the clearer He became. His face. The face of forgiveness and
love and joy. I experienced God. I felt His arms around me. I felt
true love and peace. God does exist. God is real!

Thank you Amelia. You have made me hunger for more. My eyes and soul
have seen!!

This is a testimony that might offend some, but to those who are HUNGRY …… take what you need from this.

And drink from the Stream.

It is a bit long, but so worth it. I prayed for him and he testifies of what he saw.

Need to share this. Went to a Ministry that was hosting Amelia Mathee from South Africa. Anointing on this Woman of such I had never seen or experienced. I was given a blue scarf with Hummingbirds all over it. Did my Mom in Heaven ask Jesus for this to be given. I tell you. SHE DID. The Hummingbird is my Mom’s favourite bird. She fed them at the cottage every summer she took pictures had ornaments with Hummingbirds. AMAZING LOVE OF GOD. MOM YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY MOTHER. LOVE YOU YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOREVER❤️🌈❤️
I asked if I can pray for his smoking addiction.

Jesus can sort out addiction in 1 2 3 

We’ll call this video….

How to stop smoking in under a minute

What a supernatural week I had!! You guys remember about the woman I “remember” but never saw before? I then realised I dreamt of her before going to Canada.
When praying for her the first time, she explained that she knew me??!! While it was a bit blurry…. she kept telling me ‘ you are the King’s daughter. I did not make out what she was saying, but I did not have time to speak to her until the last night.
And here is where it is weird even for me?
Due to events in her life, she went to hospital for depression. She could see clearly in the Spirit and said the doctors did not believe her, so she just kept quiet, but they continued to drug her.
She explained to me there was this lady who ministered to her and comforted her, and told her- Jesus will heal you, just hold on. But no one could see this woman. This was 3 years ago. Her eyes lit up, and said to me- it was you😱 you ministered to me, I remembered your voice and your laughter. But that is impossible? I was in South Africa.
When people get healed they say ‘ thank you so much etc. I always say- I am just the messenger.

Seemed to me I really was a messenger

May my life not speak of the supernatural, healing, miracles or power. May I never be idolized by any man, become a commodity or just unreachable to anyone. Drown out the words of the world, focus onto the words of my Father.

May it SHOUT JESUS…… entangled in the Heart of The Father that I may hear His heartbeat.

Many times I would drive to our petrol station in town and would buy coffee etc for all the attendants. I would bless the food and take it to them.They would be super happy and joy would break out. I was also told afterwards how many were mysteriously healed of their diseases after drinking the coffee. I would then explain to them that it wasn’t the food that healed them, but the Word that was spoken before they used it.

Gives another meaning to- Jesus blessed the food😃😃😃

Thursday I got an urgent message from someone asking to see me, so next day he is on my couch.
Molested as a child, he could never survive in the real world. He turned to all kind of drugs, and explained to me that magic mushrooms fried his brain. 🤔. And in top of it all he did some or other meditation, picked up some guests who come visit him. 😮😢I tell him I will pray for him. As soon as I started praying tears were falling down his cheek, and he encounters the Lord.

I have to get ready for the conference and have ZERO hours left in a day, so cancelled all appointments. But God says to me over the weekend- this is actually funny going over it now.
God- you have to see him
Me- when Lord? I can’t even finish the stuff I am supposed to do.
God- he needs to see you
Me – ok.
God- you are in My Presence. Let him sit with you, and hang out😜

He comes to see me today. I told him I need to work, but will pray first. He goes under the annointing and is unaware of me for the whole morning, and I can carry on with what I need to do.
Opens his Eyes after a LONG time and says. Jesus is so beautiful. 😇😇😇

All we need to do is be still and know He is God

Jesus was so in tuned with The Spirit that He could feel a woman touching him for healing, even through He was almost crushed by multitudes around Him.
There was faith that touched Him for healing and He felt power leave Him.

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.

2 Chronicles 16:9

A lady saw a documentary I was in and made an appointment. After a discussion… she explained she can not get freedom. I asked- can you see in the spirit. NO she said,wish I could.
Do you worry about your children? Have you ever wondered if your children are ok? Built up this ridiculous picture in your mind of them being in an accident etc?
If yes, you see fine in the spirit. What you project in your mind, is up to you. Whose voice are you listening to?
But this is a story for another day

The lady saw fine at the end, walking among rivers of gold and sitting with Jesus.

Whose voice are you hearing?

John 10:27-28

I spend a lot of times counseling the ‘ little ones’, when no psychologist or counsellor have breakthrough. ( sad how many have anxiety!!??) today was no different.

The young girl sat opposite me and I really struggled to explain anything to her. I know she will not understand anything I really say and I pray to God to take over, and seconds later…

She explains to me…there is fire burning in her veins, and she feels heavy….and that was the last. I let her be and wait……

20 minutes later she tells me of a green forest, a waterfall, river with gold and the Light. And how the Light answered all her questions…. and was very interactive.

I asked her??😀. Who was the Light?

It’s Jesus off course, she says. And I can still hear Him. 😊😊😊🌈🌈🌈

When we don’t know what to pray for, He will intervene.