Amelia Mathee

Passion for Purity



The day you see His glory and beauty, you will fall in love with Jesus.

I have come to realize that 99% of the people I counsel have really no idea who God is. Most have turned their backs on Him, because of some religious nonsense. They feel rejected, abused and ashamed.

No matter what your take on theology is, one thing no one should debate on, is the Love of God. If you read something in the Bible that you don’t understand, put on your LOVE glasses. If it does not fit the character of Jesus, we understand it the wrong way.

Wrong theology is the main cause of atheism.

“My desire is to help people realize who they truly are”

Amelia has helped thousands of people work through emotional trauma and pain. She moves powerfully in the Presence of God with healing and power.

We are 3 parts -body, soul and spirit. God is Spirit and needs to be worshipped in Spirit. She has practiced “waiting in the Lord” and has perfected carrying people into the Spirit. 

I have seen blind eyes see, the lame walk and deaf hear but my passion lies in helping people overcome old wounds and working through pain. 

In our session we will look at the following:

✞Subconscious thoughts

✞Re directing your life

✞Take steps towards your goal

✞Remove strongholds/roadblocks

✞Uprooting wrong beliefs

✞Find your purpose 

✞Release old trauma, heal old wounds 

I only use the Holy Spirit as means to minister, so each session will differ from the next one. 

You don’t need to have the same beliefs as I do😁 I am not interested in debating theology.