It was a Friday, 14 July 1995. The last thing I remember was seeing the trees swaying in the wind outside the car window. Something happened. My mom looked at me, saw that I was blue and not breathing. In panic they tried to get me out, but I was stuck. My dad broke the car window, eventually pulled me out… In the midst of their trauma, I was in peace I have never experienced before.

Walking in green pastures, I remember the sweet smell of flowers blooming. On my left was the most beautiful man wearing a white robe and smiling. He picked me up and carried me around, and showed me how beautifully everything was He created. He showed me a beautiful tree right in front of me. I was not trained in scripture or brainwashed …I was not taught on this. I was simply taken from one realm into another.

I remember slowly opening my eyes from the coma and feeling extremely sad. I felt heavy…. I could not really see, I could not talk,I could not move my body parts…and I was not with the shining man with the white robe. Today I show people the man in the white robe, and I am moved to tears thinking of Him. The Creator of all the universe pursues us and knows our name.
Remember the song by Roxette? Big Love.
I am Amelia Mathee…Sent by God to teach.
“There is only He that holds the keys to the grave, and He is standing with arms wide open calling you home.” ✞

Michael is from Cedar Grove, Tennessee.  He has played an important part in the ministry and been helping with prayer requests.  He takes care of most of the technical ‘stuff’ and is an invaluable intercessor.

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