While in Canada, I did the ‘tourist thing’….walking around the attractions and sightseeing. I saw a ice cream shop that looked absolutely amazing!! Home made ice cream any flavour your can think of… honey nougat and chocolate syrup wafers…..maple syrup fudge and sweets I can’t even pronounce. This must be what I was craving!! I didn’t buy any ice cream, but believed that I would be back the next day.

The following day I went to Old Chelsea to do some sightseeing. My friend suggested we enjoy an ice cream at a little shop around the lake.  Walking in, they did not have all the bells and whistles the other shop had. There wasn’t the huge amount of flavours, but I bought a chocolate fudge one.  I took a bite of this ice cream and was in love!! I had never before tasted ice cream like this….never. I caught myself daydreaming about this for the next 2 days😍😍😍

I then went to the other shop with all the different flavours and great marketing around their brand.  I bought a chocolate fudge one there.  I was so disappointed.   It looked so good, but the taste was empty.

After I tasted the ice cream at Old Chelsea, no ice cream would ever taste as good.

This was such a good parable to me. Religion looks so good…. but once you’ve had a taste of the King of heaven you can NEVER go back to a life filled with mediocrity.

He is sweeter than the chocolate fudge…